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Diesel generator sets need to run after overhaul

Jul. 15, 2021
Diesel generator sets need to run after overhaul
Has your diesel generator set overhauled? Do you know that after the overhaul of diesel generating units must go through a period of time for running in order to normal use?
Many customers complain that my diesel generator set has been overhauled last time, why it has the trouble again after a period of time? Is this machine quality problems? In fact, the customer may be ignoring this point when using the generator, the machine is also need to run for first time. Because the diesel generator overhaul assembly process will replace many new parts, and the newly assembled parts of the surface is relatively rough, often leading to the new parts with the initial stage can not be formed with other parts or parts with the normal gap, can only run after the normal operation The The running methods are as follows:
1,Cold running
Diesel generators no need start, and use the battery or manually pry the diesel engine flywheel to make the diesel generator running. After the cold run, you should remove all the from oil pan,and cleaning with cleaning oil.
2,Hot run
Should be carried out without load, then the diesel engine running speed can be controlled at 1300r / min or less, the technical indicators meet the requirements of no-load running, and then carried the load with heat running. This time is generally about 60h, the engineers can also decide based on specific circumstances. In the process of loading, the load must be from small to large gradually increase the process until the diesel engine to meet the normal standard of the running.
3. Temperature control
Diesel generator in the hot runinng process, the temperature of the lubricating oil should be controlled in the 651C-75 ℃ range, the cooling water temperature should be controlled in the 70 'C ^ -80 ℃ range.